Life is a Combination of Magic & Pasta

Apologies for the lull, but I’m back! This time, with a long overdue pasta experiment – truffle butter.

Yeah, I know, truffle butter? Aside from its lackluster meaning in popular culture (thanks Nicki Minaj), it’s also super expensive and a luxury item. Nonetheless, a friend of mine recently decided to give it a try so I found myself at her place one day with the materials ready for a culinary experiment.

We loosely followed this truffle butter pasta recipe with some additions and modifications:

  • Pasta: Trader Joe’s Organic Pasta – Vegetable Radiatore
  • Added veggies: Cooked broccoli & brussel sprouts and sauteed onions
  • Sauces: Truffle Butter and some store-bought Pesto

The verdict? It actually came out well, but really needed the pesto for a stronger taste. Truffle butter on its own is actually pretty mild, so I’d suggest mixing with another sauce and even adding some chilies to spice it up a bit. Can’t say I’d splurge on truffle butter in the future but worth a try at some point and I’m sure there are more interesting things you can do with it beyond a simple pasta!


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