“Superfood Power Smoothie” from Sally’s Baking Addiction

Start off 2016 right with a super healthy + no added sugar smoothie! Sally’s Baking Addiction is an amazing food blog, so I knew I had to give her Superfood Power Smoothie a try when I saw it! There’s something about the layered look that’s enticing, and I can confirm now that the layers were delicious (using spinach was also an added bonus)!

We made substitutions based on our preferences and what we had on hand. For example, we used pomegranate instead of strawberries for the pink layer and it turned out great! We also experimented with a third and even a fourth layer – using blueberries and then coconut.

If you’re making this smoothie, take your pictures fast since some of our layers ended up blending fairly quickly!

While smoothies may not seem fitting in the winter, they’re definitely a fun, healthy and easy way to pack in fruits, vegetables, and other items that we probably don’t eat enough of…which in my case, is probably kale. I’ve always felt like I need to pick sides between spinach and kale and clearly spinach wins…someone convince me otherwise? 🙂


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