It’s Brownie O’Clock

Watch out – some decadent brownies coming your way. These Browned Butter and Red Wine Brownies might just be the best you’ll ever see.

One thing I will admit though, is that I still don’t really understand “Browned Butter.” When we melted the butter in a saucepan and let it heat, it never really turned reddish brown like it was supposed to. The milk solids did separate from the fat (I think?), but that was kind of it… if the same thing happens to you, just make a judgment call after 10 minutes or so since our brownies still came out amazingly well.

Some other things to note:

We didn’t use walnuts, but we did use red wine. I didn’t know this before, but red wine apparently enhances the flavor of the chocolate and loses much of its alcohol content when heated (I guess it’s up to you how you feel about that! 🙂 )

We also doubled the proportions here so that our brownies would come out thicker – with our standard pan, following the proportions suggested by the recipe would have yielded very thin brownies. Definitely a fun recipe to try and I can promise you’ll be in for a real treat!

IMG_5408 IMG_5412 IMG_5427 FullSizeRender

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