The Belly Rules the Mind

It’s been a while…but I’m well, alive, and sharing with you my discovery of shishito peppers!

Sunday morning produce store trip with dad and he suddenly gets really excited about these oversized jalapeno-like peppers…

I watch him as he sautees these peppers for a pre-lunch snack and I’m skeptical – rightfully so, since my dad usually underestimates things like the time it’ll take to get somewhere or how spicy something is.

Well, I didn’t try the peppers that time but I decided to give it a go the next time we made them. And I was amazed. Once they blister, add salt and wait for them to cool before taking a bite. Sweet, but not too sweet, the perfect summertime snack.

Things I’ve since learned about the shisito pepper include:

  1. When allowed to fully ripen on the plant Shishitos will turn a vibrant red and their walls will be thicker fleshed.
  2. Originating in Japan the Shishito pepper is believed to have gotten its name from its tip end which to some resembles the head of a lion or in Japanese, shishi.
  3. They can apparently burst when being cooked so its advised to cut a small hole in each pepper beforehand (didn’t do that but am still fine?)
  4. Approximately 1 in 10 Shishito peppers are spicy, and there’s no way of knowing until you try it

Now I’ve got to find restaurants that serve this…

[On a totally different note, shoutout to my non-believer friend Kevin for the time he’s invested in trying to prove this blog isn’t mine. Sorry K, you might want to just give up now.]


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