And Above All, Think Chocolate – Betty Crocker

I know it’s not a Thursday so I’m going to refrain from using #TBT here… but I was Skyping one of my best friends today and remembered the time we made these delicious Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies with Hershey’s Cookies and Cream Kisses… talk about magical combo: chocolate AND cookies AND cream. Can you get much better than that?

Best part about making these cookies was definitely eating the kisses along the way, to the point where we were actually concerned we wouldn’t have enough left for the cookies. I know, we need to practice self-control.

We also baked the cookies for some time with the kisses pressed in, even though the recipe suggested to press them in afterwards. Still tasted amazing, so totally up to you!

And while we’re at it, here’s a quick history lesson on the origins of our favorite Cookies & Cream. It looks like nobody’s quite sure how the flavor was invented since there are a few different theories:

  1. John Harrison, the official taster for Dreyer’s/Edy’s Ice Cream, claims he invented it for the company in 1982
  2. Blue Bell Creameries claim they first produced the flavor in 1980 after an employee tasted it at a Houston ice cream parlor the year before
  3. South Dakota State University claims the flavor was invented at their Dairy Plant (I wish my school had a dairy plant…with free ice cream tastings…)
  4. Steve Herrell of Massachusetts’ Herrell’s Ice Cream also claims to have first invented the flavor

To whoever it may be, on behalf of all Cookies & Cream lovers, thank you for baking the world a better place.


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