Avocado / Tomato / Feta Bruschetta

Ever since I bought too many avocados for our own good, I’ve naturally been on an avocado kick. We’re finally down to only two avocados in our fridge (started with…10?) thanks to this awesome bruschetta and some other recipes I’ll be posting here in the next few days.

Ingredients: Baguette (I used 4 multi-grain bread slices), Chopped Tomatoes (About 1.5 tomatoes is enough), Avocado (One avocado was good for 4 slices of bread), Feta Cheese, Minced Garlic (4 cloves), Olive Oil, Salt / Pepper

I so  wanted to make my own garlic butter (it’s really easy, just blend minced garlic and butter), but naturally, we ran out of butter at the last minute. As sad as I was, I decided our no-butter situation was probably for the best (I guess there’s enough fat in avocados anyway) and instead sauteed the garlic in olive oil for a few minutes until soft. I then brushed olive oil on each slice of bread, topped with the sauteed garlic + salt / pepper and toasted for a few minutes at fairly low heat until crunchy.

Now for the fun part. I chopped up the tomatoes and avocados and started layering them on each toasted bread slice. Avocados first, then tomatoes, topped with crumbled feta, drizzled with olive oil, and some more salt + pepper. Seriously, it is so much fun.

Carefully toast each slice for another few minutes so the feta (if you can’t already tell, feta is hands down my favorite cheese) starts to melt, and voila, you’re all set! The nice thing about this bruschetta is that you can easily adjust the seasonings and add more oil / salt / pepper if needed. Enjoy 🙂

FullSizeRender-12 FullSizeRender-13

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